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This Revolutionary Guidebook reveals the secrets of Courage, Confidence & Credibility. Live a life of your design – happy, successful and healthy – using proven strategies: easy to apply, practical and delicious!
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The 28 Day Happiness Challenge is filled with the daily micro-change suggestions for your morning routine that result in more confidence and courage. Feel more capable and competent throughout your day by activating these tasks, insights and menus. Let this time-tested knowledge support you in your journey to greater health and happiness.
“I hope you will love it, embrace it and live it! Every morning I will be emailing you the next supplement to your challenge. Rise up, take the challenge and enjoy a life of success and vigor!” -- author and creator, Blair Lewis

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 Here's What Health Professionals Are Saying:
Blair is one of the few writers in the self-help field to allow us to see his life from the inside out.  His ideas are crisp and practical.  What a pleasure that he allows us to accompany him on his 30 year journey towards happiness in this fine book.  A must read for the serious students of Life.

- Theresa Oswald, MD
Blair confesses the shortcomings of modern medical care and yer leaves you brimming with hope and joy as he shares with you the way to true happiness.

- David Holloway, MD

I love this Book! Blair strips away the veneer and hits us between the eyes with the naked truth about attaining happiness in today's world. Incredibly, he delivers more techniques and honest insights than any other self-help book I have read. Blair bares all, convincing us that we too can be happy here and now.

- Dr. Alfred Damus, MD, FACEP
Here Are A Few Secrets You'll Find Inside This Free Book 
Allowing You to Unlock The Ultimate Source of Happiness!  
  • Your mind and your body are about to become your greatest friends and allies. Chapter 1 reveals the importance of having a stable mind and sturdy senses. Conquer the world within you and you have conquered the entire world.
  • To know which path to take, you must first know who you are and what resources you have available. Determining and understanding your Ayurvedic constitution is the goal of Chapter 2.
  • Philosophy has never been so personal and practical as Chapter 3. Learn how to apply 10 principles to change your life and your relationships forever – in less than 20 minutes. 
  • Menu planning for joy. Delicious recipes bring to life the fable of the goddess called Happiness. Learn what she eats and why. Your family will thank-you every time you are in the kitchen. Chapter 4.
  • Fitness fads and yoga bluffs die quickly in Chapter 5. Learn what you need to know to get trim, stay trim and use your body to support the happiness you are now building every day.
  • Making your mind your companion and colleague…An unhappy person can spend so much time dealing with their thoughts and impulses that they have no time for life, love and laughter. Meditation will allow you to observe first hand the nature of your mind and the nature of your self. You will learn how to acquire a joyful mind in Chapter 12.
  • Stress kills. Homeopathic remedies are potent and harmless. I want you to know the eleven most common natural remedies for stress. I spent over 30 years in holistic psychiatry, these solutions have no fluff. Use them. Share them. See Chapter 6.
  • Sleep, rest and relaxation. I devote two packed chapters to solving fatigue and insomnia. For the first time ever, I have published the science of power-napping. Can you afford 16 minutes to gain 6 hours of rest? Chapters 7 & 8 will change your life forever.
  • What if you had more time and space in your day? What would be different? What if you could create it and expand? The yogis have done it for years, why not you? Truth is stranger than science fiction. Chapter 9 will teach you how to create more space in your day.
  • Time management. You cannot afford to be late and you cannot risk letting clocks destroy your marriage and image. ‘Filling your day with happiness’ (Chapter 10) is for busy executives, parents and students who have to maintain a very tight schedule..
  • Love and Longevity… What a great way to conclude this epistle! To hear the voice of your conscience is to hear the song of our planet. Learn how to fall in love with yourself, your habits, your body, your personality and all that surrounds you. The ultimate shortcuts to health and happiness are revealed in Chapter 14
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