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Live online classes with Blair, where he teaches techniques to have a clear, calm and tranquil mind, and gets our whole community involved! Can't make it to the live broadcast?  These classes become part of our archive library, so you have easy access for study and review.

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Numerous hours of live classes, articles and resources are here.  The audio and visual archives are available to you 24 hours a day.  Our online library is expanding every month with exciting new content to help you on your path to self-improvement!
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Blair uses…
… heart-warming and comical stories to make his point clearly and poignantly.
… a no nonsense approach that is real, and at times shocking, on how he helps restructure dysfunctional lives with his words, his recipes and his vast experience.

His books and lectures are how-to manuals on building self-esteem, gaining personal empowerment and the science of self-transformation. His recipes are delicious, his exercises are practical and his philosophy is easy to embrace.
He shares the most refined and perfected strategies for time management, dynamic rest and rejuvenation. From menu planning to homeopathic medicines, from contemplation and meditation, to addressing global warming, Blair takes us into his heart and shows us how our life can be grand and our health can exceed ‘optimal’ as we know it.

Never giving up on his clients nor his own personal evolution to joy, Blair is leading the charge for the next revolution – with wit, wisdom and a philosophy that loves all and excludes none. It is time for a Happiness Revolution!
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with joy, courage and compassionate action.

You don’t have to wait until you are ‘sick & tired’ of being ‘sick & tired’ before you take steps in a new direction. Blair writes, “Becoming happy and healthy is not difficult, it's just different. And when ‘different’ is logical, delicious and easy, our whole life shifts in new directions that we never imagined were possible."
The ‘impossible’ joy and success you are seeking is actually possible and I would love to show you how.

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